How to connect an eq to a avr 687 denon receiver

hello, im trying to connect my sbr 14/14xr eq to my avr687 denon receiver but i dont know what rca,s to my eq has 3pairs of rca,one line in-out the other is tape1 the last one is tape2 which one do i use to connect to receiver and to what entrances on receiver, need all the help i could get thanks
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  1. The traditional way to connect a sound EQ unit was to take the output of a hifi receiver's Tape Out sockets and feed them into the EQ unit. Then connect the EQ unit's output to the Tape In sockets of the receiver. This meant that you could quickly check the effect of EQ by pushing the Tape Monitor button on the receiver.

    In a more complex AV receiver there are many more inputs and outputs but the principle remains the same.

    You need a line output from the receiver and a switchable line input to the receiver that doesn't interrupt the selected original source.

    The EQ unit is connected in between.

    I personally don't like the extra noise and distortion that most domestic EQ units introduce and would avoid them.
  2. He could try turning it off and turning it on again ?

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