[Dell]My Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop is running extremely hot.

Recently I noticed that my Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop has been getting extremely hot, even while idling. I use a cooling pad underneath the laptop so there should be no reason for my cores to be getting this hot. I Idle at around 75C, and when i run something like flash player, or even Microsoft Office, i run at ~95C... I have opened up the computer, cleaned it all out and put it back together, but it only reduced my temps by about 1C.

Here are some pictures of my temperatures:

With no cooling pad, running chrome, flash player, and a virus scan:

After idling at desktop for 15 minutes without fan:

15 minutes with cooling pad, running chrome, flash player, and a virus scan:

Idling at desktop with cooling pad for 15 minutes:

So could anyone recommend a way to bring the temps down? I have to deal with this laptop for at least 2 more years so I don't want it to fail on me before i can buy a new computer.

P.S. The fan in it is also very loud, as if it's slightly tilted, making the rotating pin vibrate producing a very shrill high pitched squeal.
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  1. Stop using the laptop in this condition! First check the air cooling vents and make sure that the passages are not clogged with lint and other stuff.

    If the air vents are fine, it is very clear that the heatsink assembly has failed. Download the service manual from "support.dell.com" by entering the service tag number of the laptop. This will give you a clue as to how to replace the heatsink assembly.

    As a general rule, laptops are more difficult to work on as compared to desktops.
  2. Plus 1 ^ Dangerous temps!
  3. Okay, i cleaned out my entire computer meticulously, and it brought temps down a considerable amount, however not quite as much as i would like. Right now i'm down to about 51-54C doing light work, not much load.

    Sadly though I think my CPU and some other internals have already been permanently damaged. I seems that my CPU hangs a lot more than it ever has, and even has problems running flash player. Guess i'll just have to deal with that until i leave school and can buy myself the parts i need to build a computer.

    Oh, one other thing, i looked into getting a replacement heatsink from dell, and i couldn't find one. So could someone help me out here to find a heatsink that will fit inside a dell inspiron 1545 and fit a intel core 2 duo t6000 processor socket?
  4. Quote:
    Simply raising your PC off of any smooth plane will let fresh, cool air to come in from the intake on the bottom of the laptop. It will resolve several of the heat issues you might be having.
    For more info visit www.igennie.net, http://www.igennie.net/technical-support-for-dell.html or Call 1-888-738-7728 and get best Dell Technical Help from iGennie. :hello:

    Is your "Dell Technical Help" free? This (Tom's) is a free technical help forum.
  5. I would watch you Task Manager for a while to find out what if anything is using a lot of CPU cycles. My wife has issues with her Inspiron 1464 because she tends to cover up the intake vent for fan located under the laptop. Does not appear to be your problem because you say you use a cooling pad. Unless your heatsink has some come loose or has been damaged in some way. I have heard of Some Dell's that had a recent Bios update having some issues with running hotter.
  6. Check the 'Start Menu' and make sure that too many programs are not loaded during startup.
  7. I don't really have that many programs open, and the ones i do have open aren't (or shouldn't be) that performance impacting, the only programs that use a lot of resources are flash, and my anti virus program.
  8. If ur system is in warranty try updating the latest BIOS version from the support site...
  9. "P.S. The fan in it is also very loud, as if it's slightly tilted, making the rotating pin vibrate producing a very shrill high pitched squeal. "
    unless you replace the fan everything else would be good leaning..
  10. I got this same problem about a month ago. I have Dell 14R 7420 i7. First of all you should check the diagnosis test on bios, it will show you whats not working properly. In my case, it was the fan. It was not working. You should check and replace your fan if necessary.
    After i replaced it, it still began to heat slowly , and became sooo slow even stucked. When i checked again found my motherboard was not working properly like before. B'cuz i also used a cooling pad when heating and that cause the motherboard failure.

    So stop using your cooling pad and request Dell assistance.

    Internal heating on a dell laptop is a common things, so dont worry much
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