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I am wondering why the Astro A40 Audio System is more expensive then the Razer USA Megalodon Gaming Headset when the former is 5.1 and the latter is 7.1? Is the first just better made and come with more audio options or does it trully sound better than the Razer model even though the Razer is 7.1? I am currently looking for a replacement for my Tritton AX pros which broke awhile back and any help picking my new surround sound headset would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for any comments!
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  1. Bump. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Still need that help there...
  3. I use the Turtle Beach 5.1s and they sound very good for gaming, music and movies when I need to keep the noise level down instead of using the hifi setup.

    When it comes to headphones is 7.1 really better then 5.1? I don't know.

    Have fun,

    the Prisoner
  4. K thanks, but i would still like to know why the 5.2 is more expensive then the 7.1.
  5. It sounds like you have alot of money to burn. I wouldn't worry about 7.1 versus 5.1 sound since most games or movies don't even use 7.1.

    Since I haven't used either product and only used the Turtle Beach HPA2 non usb version and they cost much less money and use small separate speakers in the cans to help simulate an environment, does a good job, are comfortable and provide good sound.

    I wish I could help you more but until you listen to either headset you won't know.

    Happy listening,

    the Prisoner
  6. Nah i don't have alot of money I just like the items I buy to last awhile and the better made are usually more expensive. I would still like an answer to my previous question though if anyone can help. But i have limited my choices to the Astro a40 or the tritton ax pros but if there are any others any of you guys can think of in this range of headset please tell me! The only rule is they must be compatable with a ps3.
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