Can i run game that requires directx 9 with directx 11

i want to buy PES 2013 but when i look at its system requirement, the game need directx , but my computer only have directx 11 so,can i run or play this game? if i cann't , can you tell me what to do?
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  1. Yes it should be fine. DX11 is backwards compatible with DX9. You will never have more than 1 version of DX in Windows OS.

    However, just be aware that some old games do not run at all or run well in Windows 7.
  2. To run DX9 games you just need to install the DirectX 9 runtime and you should be good to go. I have ran a lot of very old games including some that needed DX5 with absolutely no problems at all with Windows 7.

    "You will never have more than 1 version of DX in Windows OS."
    Not completely true if a game requires DX9c and you have not installed it the game will not play. DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 can co exist in Windows 7 just fine. It is amazing after all this time that Vista and Windows 7 has been out that people still think they can't install DirectX 9 just because the OS came with a higher version. You can even install DirectX 9 in Windows 8
  3. i have just got bioshock infinite and when i clicked on the icon it says "Bioshock Infinite requires that your graphics hardware be compatible with directX 10 or directX 11, and have the directx 11 runtime installed." i have downloaded dxwebsetup.exe but dont know what to do. also i have a gforce gt630m on my laptop if that helps
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