Spdif audio in lct tv how to set up to audio receiver

please help me what cable i use in spdif from my tv going to audio receiver and how to test if its working.
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  1. You should buy a digital optical cable of sufficient length and connect one end of the cable to TV and the other end to audio amp. It is not important which end goes to TV or amp. Whenever you turn the TV on, you should also turn the amp on and select the optical input to which you have made the connection. There may be several optical inputs on the amp. One for CD player, one for DVD player, one for satellite settop box, etc.. You can make the connection to whichever input is free.
  2. thanks for your reply, my new problem is the cable, my home theater amp. with 2 type of connection the toslink optical and the rca type, it means any of ths 2 terminal, but not working in rca cable type. i dont have toslink type its very expensive than rca type.
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