Worst Ebay feedback history ever?

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    Yeah thats about as bad as the guy that sells trash computer stuff in
    nashville. surpluzdealz or whatever, last I checked he has something
    like 4,000 negatives. Although he had a high feedback, still 4,000
    pissed off people. I left him a nuetral cause I didnt want a negative.
    So I imagine a LOT of people leave positve so they dont get a negative
    and then get a positive, and chalk it up as a loss.
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    Holy cow that IS bad!

    How do prople continue to buy from someone like that??!!


    "TopLoser" <ian@toploser.com> wrote in message
    > http://tinyurl.com/4fuyv
    > Wow!
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    On 19 Jun 2005 11:23:44 -0700, "TopLoser" <ian@toploser.com> wrote:


    I remember something similiar to this being discussed here a year or
    two ago. Someone, apparently to get even with the person whose
    ID/password he compromised, went on a buying spree. Bought about 200
    items in one day, most high priced and all with BIN's. And of course
    before the target figured out his ID had been stolen everyone had left
    a ton of negs about not replying/paying/etc. I think ebay removed all
    the negs eventually, wonder if that's what happened here.
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