random crashes with XP 2000+ installed

encounter crashes under win XP with the AMD AThlon 2000+ T-Bred installed.
Just to say: I freshly reinstalled winxp onto a new partition - no additionally software but the via4in1 - my system config see down....
The computer crashes especially while playing games like unreal 2. It doesn't have something to do with the rest of my hardware - the computer always crashes during the intro. In the game unreal Tournament I have same problems. And here's the conclusion: I turned off my pc inserted my old duron 900 MHz and ..everything runs flawless.
So it has somethig to to with the mobo I think - I installed win xp fresh with the athlon installed. The BIOS recognizes the cpu as an xp 2000+ standard voltage (btw, i also checked slightly higher core voltage)

BIOS ID: B4 (I updated my BIOS before installing the XP)
System Configuration:
- AMD Athlon XP 2000+ T-Bred
- 550W Power Supply Q-Tec
- GeForce 256 DDRAM @ AGP
- SB Live 5.1 at PCI 2
- Ethernet Realtek @ PCI 3
- HighPoint 370 Raid Controller @ PCI 4 (not onboard)
- 2x IBM 80GB @ RAID
- 1x IBM 60GB @ Primary Master
- 1x IBM 10GB @ PS
- Asus CD-S400 CDROm @ SM
- Mitsumi 4802TE CDRW @ SS
- 768MB PC133 SDRAM (2x128+1x512)

OS: Windows XP

I'm using a 550W psu, which surely can handle any power requirements. I also tried running my XP @ 100MHz FSB with the same results (btw, my memories fine up to 152MHz).
I also tried different memory-configuration...all the same.

My mainboard is an ABIT KT7a in revision 1.3 which is "xp-tested" and approved (this is what abit says)

I don't think, that the xp is conflicting with other devices since cpus and other periphical will never share any adresses....

I just don'T understand it. Duron and Athlon XP wont use that different adressing so that may not be the problem.
I'm now running my computer with the duron since the work with the xp is not safe enough.
I made the experience that my xp especially crashes within games (unreal2, ut, c&c generals).
I haven't overclocked my GF either - already tried any possible bios settings
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  1. I would say power, but 550W should cope easily.

    Sounds like a heat issue. What heatsink/Fan are you using? I know a Duron Cooler would definitely not be sufficient for a Palamino XP - not sure about thouroughbred, but I would expect it needs a better one anyway.

    Do you know what temperature your CPU is? if not use something like motherboard monitor 5 to check them out - it can give you a nice little line graph showing your temperature over time. BIOS monitors are not that much use as the CPU will have cooled down by the time you've rebooted and got into the BIOS.

    Also, try reducing your FSB to 100 (in BIOS) and see if it helps (as this will run the CPU at a much cooler 1250Mhz)..


    :smile: :tongue: :smile:
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