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My boss has just found out that we are going to have to use these digital converter boxes. He has several rental properties so a $2 fee per month per box will add up pretty quickly and he's in a lather.

I talked to xfinity and of course they will not sell the boxes. They wouldn't even tell me what model they use here in Memphis---as if I can't go and see one at their office or at someone's house!!! Even tried to tell me that these boxes cannot be purchased by non-cable company buyers, which made me laugh out and tell the lady on the phone what the prices are on ebay.

I want to know if when I find out the model required, can they actually force us to use their equipment only? Is there a reputable vendor on the net to buy these units, power cords, and remotes (if needed) ?

I have emailed xfinity but I am expecting more of the same lies I was told on the phone.

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  1. You can buy them from ebay if you want, doubt they'd work though, they have to be activated by them on both ends or they won't work to de-scramble anything. That's why when a tech comes to set one up, he calls up the office and they sync the box then.

    If you already found prices for them on ebay, why not get them and try it. Ebay is not the most reputable site to buy "official" stuff. You may laugh at MS at their prices since you can buy licenses for Windows on ebay for 1/10th the price, which of course won't work.

    Don't see why they can't say you need to use their equipment, after all, it's their service and their way of keeping people from just buying stuff for illegal hookups.
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