I am now getting a message that only says '*starting CUPS printingg spooler/sever' I cannot even see anything beyond this once on, no desktop or anything. I was using Ubuntu and stupidly clicked on 'update' hence I now have these probs. It is a laptop, Packard Bell easynote, can anyone heeeelllllppppp please? Thanks
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  1. Is there something like "System Restore"? If so, you can try booting in safe mode and revert to an earlier known good date.
  2. Hi Ubrales, thanks for the reply, I cannot even get the desktop, just a black screen with the line of words I quoted above.
  3. "Safe Mode" during startup. On some computers it is the "Delete" key (on mine), on Dells it is the "F2" key. Repeatedly press the appropriate key during startup. Your manual will explain which key.
  4. Thank you, I have managed to get onto recovery mode but once in there is no system restore anywhere, could be this ubuntu software, have requested another cd to see if I can recover the OS that way, failed to even install windows 7 on it, which was a legit not a copy as well, just does not recognise new installation at all, am hopeless till I get the ubuntu cd, will update you. Regards.
  5. Thank you for your help, had to reload OS and now up and running.
  6. Great!

  7. If it happens again after a Package Reload, you can stop the Service from running in System Configuration. Have you got an HP printer installed?

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