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I have the wieredest problem here. I have a Athlon XP 2000+ (big (old) layout) on a ABIT KT7A for a few weeks now.
Since then (I think) some games like Dungeon Keeper 2 and Warcraft 3 completely EXIT to windows without any notice or error message. It's just within the game at any position (only tested this in network games).

How could that be? Could it really be the CPU? How can I avoid that problem (bios switch).

Ciao/2 Christoph

Just for notice: Win98SE, Matrox G400, SB Live!
I already did:
Reinstalling Windows
changing SDRAM to Infineon
using certified Matrox driver instead of latest
updating live driver
disconnect internet (local network game)
bios safe-mode optimal-values
DirectX downgrade to 8.1b
AntiVirus scan

So I'm out of ideas
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  1. What kind of memory are you using? Also, do you have a program to monitor the temperature of your CPU? Check to make sure the heatsink and fan are positioned right on the CPU. Well, good luck.
  2. This happens to me when I push the memory too hard. It's caused by a loss of data in SDRAM when it happens to me.

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  3. I remember readign sumwhere that 70% of ppl. who have ABIT KT7A Boards have problems running Athlon XP Processors......try updating to the latest bios available even if its Beta or a made by a 3rd party.....i think its a bios issue the ABIT didnt really fulyl adress and occurs on not all but most revisions of that board....

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  4. I just know the normal BIOS where I have the latest from.
    Are there really any beta or third party?
  5. That's interesting.

    I tried two different RAM (NEC and Infineon CL2) both SDRAM. Same effect.
    How did you solve that problem?
    (Just to repeat my app just close (like with a taskkiller) and no message whatsoever. ANd I can work on in windows.)

    I tried different BIOS settings, but couldn't help my self.

    Do I need Waitstats? Or is it a temperature problem on the memory? Then I could solve it with an aditional FAN.

  6. My CPU goes up to 60 Degree Celsius. But as I said I have no crash, just a smoth exit from the one program I'm in to windows.

    I do have SDRAM tried NEC and Infineon CL2.

    Noticable is that I get a wrong 2,5V message: it sais I have 3,47V. I changed the Powersupply (and it'S now 350W), but no change. So Either the mainboard is producing a wrong voltage OR it's messuring wrong.

    I could change the voltage in the BIOS!
    Thanx for your message and help
  7. Well, my problems always occured when I overclocked at the fastest memory settings, I'd simply back off the memory settings to fix it (Change for Cas2 to Cas3 in BIOS, etc.).

    If you do find a heat problem...fix it!

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