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Can i hurt my monitor / video card / my eyes by doing this?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
November 19, 2009 8:57:23 AM

Basically im just wondering if i can damage my monitor, my video card or my eyes, by turning off v-sync in the settings for my videocard. its a 9800gt if that helps, and my monitor is an LCD with a 60Hz max "refresh" rate.

The only reason im asking is because i turned off V-sync in world of Warcraft to benchmark my FPS(just goofing around) and i didnt see any tearing, so i thought id try the same thing in windows. i did it about 15 min ago and everything seems fine. i just thought id post here so someone could tell me how little i know about this stuff, and i could relax about it (paranoid psycho :D  )

Thank you.

P.S.- it is probabably just mentally, but my display seems smoother.. thats why i changed it in windows.
Also once again i dont know if it matters but with v-sync on in world of warcraft i usually get about 50-60 fps with settings turned up. with it off i get about 150-170 and in areas where no one was around spiked up into the 200 fps range.