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Hello....can you use any 901 series active equalizer with any of the series? I recently got a pair of series II, but no equalizer. Could a series III or IV be used?

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  1. It shouldn't be a problem. All it does is crank up the treble and base since 901 series really don't sound good without it. Then again the 901s don't sound that well to begin with, but they work well for a PA type system because you can turn them up very loud without blowing any drivers.

    They don't take much of an amp to drive them to very loud levels.

    I have had some experience with 901 series and you really need to find the right place to put them in the room.

    The equalizer might cost you $50.00 dollars but you could sell the speakers for a few hundred bucks and buy something else.

    Have fun,

    the Prisoner
  2. The Bose 901s were the best speakers Bose ever made.

    Unfortunately, the man is right, the 901s suck.
  3. Bose never really took off as domestic speakers in the UK -- perhaps in part due to poor reviews and perhaps thanks to their poor reaction to criticism in the UK hifi press.

    One early review described the 901s using rather colourful comparisons.

    Where a British company probably would have tried to fix the problem with the speakers, Bose tried to fix the reviewer with a threat of legal action.

    After that, other journalists may have simply avoided mentioning Bose products, denying them exposure in the UK.
  4. in a way, its safe to say bose sucks.
  5. If Bose would spend less money on advertising like Polk maybe they could spend some money on buying decent drivers for their speakers. They charge $ 1000.00 dollars plus when they spend a few dollars per driver. You are better going to Parts Express and buying a speaker kit with the same cheap drivers or getting a kit with much better components.

    Save yourself the money and sell 901s and buy some good used speakers or some decent new ones.

    Happy Listening,

    the Prisoner.
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