Morgan: Can it be?

I've searched 17 or 18 pages into this forum, and found no definitive answer about this queastion:

Can the Morgan Core Durons be unlocked?

As of now, my Duron 1300 is running at 1.42 Ghz. This is all to do with the FSB from 100 to 109 MHz. My Temps never go above 117F (even running Seti@home, which is a good heat/stability tester)

I chose that because it kept my PCI bus down to 35 MHz. My PC133 Ram is running at 142 MHz.

A-Bit KT7E
KT-133E Chipset 686B Southbridge
Duron 1300
Cheap PC133 RAM
WD 40 Gig
Maxtor 40 Gig
GeForce 4 MX440 (Problem with 686B South Bridge?)
Hercules Muse 5.1 Sound
And like 7 80MM Fans (Including CPU fan).

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  1. Could be wrong, but I think Duron Morgans are similar to the Thunderbird Core Athlons, so should be unlockable with the 'pencil trick' - connecting the L1 bridges (on the top face of the chip) with a pencil (the graphite in the pencil decreases the electrical resistance between the bridges *just* enough to make the chip think they're linked)
    Search the forums for 'pencil trick' for more info..


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  2. yeah. morgans are teh same core as the tbird. just smaller cache
  3. That's what I thought. that and FSB of 100 only...

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  4. OK, I'll try it again, but i read in more than one location, though not heeded, that the morgan core isn't unlockable.

    What is funny, nobody responded in the OCer forum. :)

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  5. Well, I spent the last 5 hours trying to unlock the CPU, and it will not. I first started with 'the pencil trick', then jumped to the 'rear window defogger paint trick'. No Joy. It will not post, so I seem to be SOL. I remind those who reply to this that the Morgan core is completely different to the older Spitfire Durons, and it seems to be much different than the T-Birds. At, they reference the XP and Morgan cores in the same unlocking howto. The 1300 must have something in it that locks it regardless to the L1 bridges, because THG has a brief about the Duron 1300 not allowing them to unlock it also.

    If anybody has any more info on the subject, please notify me. A person who actually experienced unlocking the 1300 would be a definate plus.

    Thanks a pile.

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  6. Ok...the Morgan core'd Duron is essentially the same as an Athlon XP Palomino core but with only 64KB of L2 cache and a FSB of 100Mhz.......

    it CAN be unlocked just like the older spitefires and the T-Birds...

    ur problem is with the TLB of the ur CPU uses a Multiplier of 13.0 (13.0 X 100 = 1300MHz)

    So when u unlock the CPU and change the multipleri ti freezes cuz ur CPU is still set as 13.0 multiplier......u need to drop the multiplier considerably and raise the FSB.....otherwise ur gonan have to manipulate moer than just UR L1 bridges, ur gonna have to chaneg ur L4, L5 and L6 to correspond with the Multiplier of 14.0 as that would be the highest multiplier possible for ur CPU....plsu ur motherboard doesnt support 133MHz FSB CPU's so ur SOL unless u want a 100Mhz Boost but upping the multiplier to 14.0....

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  7. Ok, but I have read in more than one location, that this mobo, while not officially supporting it, can run 133 fsb. The bios even gives the option for it.

    This is what I want:

    Multiplier of 11 (10.5 if 11 is too much)

    Go to this website, is shows which bridges to burn and churn.

    I'm gonna try it right now, wish me luck :)

    My Duron 1300 eats P4's for dinner. Oh, the Celerons make a nice snack too.
  8. Well, I'm running with the bridges connected/disconnected the way they are supposed to, but the bios gives me Duron 1300. Sisoft agrees, of course. So even after cuttin and bridging gaps, the processor will not unlock.

    My Duron 1300 eats P4's for dinner. Oh, the Celerons make a nice snack too.
  9. the Morgan is the same as a TBird, NOT a palimino... bigggggg difference
  10. All Morgans up to 1200MHz are unlockable by the pencil trick, the 1300MHz use a 13x multiplier, which require different bridge settings, instead of closing bridges, you'll need to cut some of them using special tools.

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  11. The Morgan incorporate many Palomino feature like the on die thermal diode, SSE instructions and .18um cooper process, the old Spitfire Duron core is based on the Thunderbird core featuring .18 aluminium process, no on die thermal diode and lack of SSE instruction.

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  12. I did cut and paste bridges. I set the processor to 11x muliplier. As per the 'Morgan 5-bit painting guide'. When I booted, it posted! yay! But it posted as 1300, and it would either not heed my changes in bios, and stay at 1300, or it wouldn't post. :(

    My Duron 1300 eats P4's for dinner. Oh, the Celerons make a nice snack too.
  13. Duron Spitfire uses Athlon Thunderbird core with only 64KB L2 onboard, and a 100MHz FSB
    Duron Morgan uses Athlon Palomino core with only 64KB L2 onboard, and a 100MHz FSB

    there is a big difference.

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