Hello I have a Yamaha 01V 96 . I'd like to expand my inputs and outputs via the existing optical in/out. Is it possible to do this via an ASIO - ADAT interface or will I need to buy a card for the slot?
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  1. probably depends whether it has both adat in and out. or rather thats probably an indication. in which case yes. do you have a particular interface in mind?

    i think buying the cards allow you to use tdif with tascam products, aesebu, for stereo high def stuff, or even more optical expansion, if my memory of yamahas line up serves me correctly.
    however, humbly, what you should really do is sell it and buy a proper pc interface, with some adat expansion options...the thing about the 01v96s is, its still worth good dollars, but you can get so much better integration these days, if a mixing surface is really your thing IMO. i personally do not like them in a home studio. they are a bit wanky, if you really need automated faders, you might just be kidding yourself. and yes although the mic preamps in it are clean, thats about the only nice thing to say about them. please take all this with a grain of salt.

    if you use your desk live at all, and its a best of both worlds for you then, youve chosen well.
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