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I'm looking for tunner card/cards that I would use to stream/record multiple channels (aprox. 4-6) at the same time. Any ideas. Couple questions as well:

1) is it possible to record multiple channels at once?
2) i.e will I need "multiple" tunner cards if I want to rip 4-6 channels at once?

Please any replies greatly appreciated.

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  1. A lot depends on what channels you want to record. Yes, it is possible to record multiple channels at once. Will you need multiple tuner cards to record 4-6 channels, most likely.

    If you're looking to record multiple channels that you would normally view with a Cable Set Top Box, then you'd either need a set top box for each channel you want to record or use a "cablecard" TV tuner. For this, you would need either a Ceton InfiniTV tuner PCI-E card (four tuners) or the SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (three tuners) with a cablecard from your cable/satellite company.

    If all you're looking to do is record Over-The-Air (OTA) digital broadcasts or unencrypted cable channels (channels you can view without a set top box), you can do so with multiple dual digital tuner cards like the Hauppauge WinTV 2250 HVR card.

    Hope this helps
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