Connecting diffent speakers to form surround sound

is it possible to use a 7.1 soundcard and connect differen sets of speakers to form 7.1? say for example i have a three speaker system right now front left front right and centre, if i was to buy a subwoofer and two sets of stereo (2.0) speakers could i plug them all in seperately to form a 7.1 sound system?
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  1. It shouldn't be a problem but we would need more info on the current setup you have right now. For example if all the speakers are active(means they built in amps) you should be fine. It would just mean running the wires to the correct inputs.

    Are they computer type speakers or home stereo speakers? If the new and old speakers are computer speakers it's just the matter of hooking them up correctly. If if are combining both home stereo and computer speakers it gets a little more complicated.

    Have fun,

    the Prisoner
  2. I have front, rear, surround, sub, all different brands. No problem. The volume levels may not be the same but thats calibration is a basic task that needs to be done for any electronic system.
  3. You should be fine. For my computer I have NHT center speaker and a combination of JBL 4310 and 4311 speakers with a sub that was made by a friend who likes to build speakers. Way over kill for a computer system but alot of fun.hehe

    Have fun,

    the Prisoner
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