HP Laptop can't get past blue screen

I made no big changes when I shut down my laptop last night (running Windows 7). I booted it up this morning and it always gets to a blue screen and shuts down.

So far I wrote down 2 different blue screen errors;



I try the advanced repair where it tries to look for the problem but it never completes and comes up with different errors.

I don't think I can send the laptop in because it's past its warranty.

What do I do?
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    Could be a memory error. Run memtest from the Ultimate Boot CD (google it). You can also run a hard disk diagnostic. The IBM/Hitachi utility at the top of the list on the CD is my favorite.
  2. +1 frozenlead

    boot from cd and then - mainboard > memtest86+
  3. What do I do? -> TEST HARDWARE
  4. Ran memtest86+ , uhhh I see a lot of red.

    It froze as well. Couldn't use ESC or anything so I just turned it off.
  5. So by memory error do you mean it can't be fixed? Like I have to buy new RAM?
  6. Usually, yes, you will have to replace the memory modules. Sometimes just doing things like reseating or switching the modules order can solve errors.
  7. I took one stick out, booted it up. Worked fine.

    I put the stick back in, same error.

    So it appears that this one stick is done for. I'll have to buy another one.

    Thanks for all the help guys!
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