I need help to fix images i took with my kodak. they dont display

i took some shots on my digital camera. They displayed well immediately after the shot but i did not know that they werent being saved properly. It was only when i had gotten home n tried to view them that i realized they couldnt be displayed. tried all softwares on the pc too. can any one help me. they keep saying the files are either corrupt, damaged or too large. i realized that image files have their width n height in the properties but mine files dont have that. any help?
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  1. Do they still display in the camera?
  2. nope! it says "unrecognized file format"
  3. You can maybe try a recovery program made for this type of issue, http://www.easeus.com/resource/drive/digital-camera-drive.htm

    If that does not work, the pictures are gone.
  4. hear you. will let you know the results. hoping for the best though. lol
  5. Maybe you can have a try on this freeware to help you. It is simple and convenient. The operation is not complex too so you can easily handle it.
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