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Just when I thought the Duron saga had come to an end with the 1.3 GHz model I noticed that a few dealears in my country are offering 1.4 GHz Duron systems.
I spent an hour or so checking AMD roadmaps to see if it is a hoax and I found this one roadmap --here at THG, where else could it be !!!-- that shows a small shipment of this CPUs expected on Q4´02.
However I couldn´t find any single review of this CPU. So I´m wondering where the catch is...
Thats why I´m trying to find Duron 1400 owners to see if this CPU is worth buying
¿Or should I go for the good old Duron 1300?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Considering the price ?? ur better off going with the AXP 1700+ T-Bred...

    as for the 1.4Ghz Duron...its the same as a 1.3Ghz duron just 100Mhz faster and it was a limited production CPU just like the AMD K6-III 500.....

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  2. I thought there was never a Duron at 1.4 GHz. When AMD released them?

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