Bose or Grado?

I need a new set of headphones, as my Schenhieser's are about dead. I can't decide between these bose:;+-+Around-Ear+Headphones+-+Silver/6655728.p?id=1082742915065&skuId=6655728

or a pair of Grado SR-80's. I'm looking for the best sound for my dollar, so comfort and all that stuff doesn't really matter as much. I'll also be using them for gaming, and mostly listen to music on a portable MP3 player or iPhone, but will just be using them around the house so mobility is not of importance.

Oh any other suggestions in the $100.00 to $150.00 price range are welcome... And quality construction is a little important too, as I usually wear headphones and earbuds out in one year (no joke). :pfff:

P.S. I know these are not really "high-end", but this section looked the most appropriate of all the audio sub-sections.

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    definitely grado, dont even think about buying bose, bose quiet comfort and the rest of their headphone range are gd, but its just no where near when it comes to comparing with proper discrete headphone companies such as senns. or grado.
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