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Rather than purchase an external DVD can I just hook up, as needed, my laptop (internal) DVD to the netbook?
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  1. How are you planning to connect the DVD ?
  2. Quote:
    How are you planning to connect the DVD ?

    I'm asking you!
  3. Well, short of networking the two computers I don't see how you're going to do it.
    Unless you enjoy that sort of thing, I'd buy a separate external DVD player/writer which uses a USB connector.
  4. if it's a newer laptop you would have to remove the drive, then use a sata to usb adapter to hook it up to your netbook.

    Removing the drive can be a either easy or a gaint pain depending on each laptop.

    (edit: adding extra info)

    What the above poster said would work for installing or transfering stuff from disk to your netbook. You would have to share the DVD drive on the laptop and then set a network drive on the netbook. However you couldn't do this to say reinstall the OS on the netbook.
  5. You don't say what netbook your using or laptop either..... any additional info could help.
  6. i'm try to burn an iso,.fd,.rom,.wph or anything to fix bios or reinstall window or anything can boot up my 4752g and 4740g bios update failed black screen...i borrow a netbook and try making usb floppy disk...nothing happen...i can see that a few way to fix this by cd/dvd bootdisk.iso and i really hope so it will fix the can i connect the laptop dvd drive from any of those model to the netbook which i don't know what is the model..i have ide/sata usb converter and the only fit to the dvd drive is the usb socket...please help me how to power up the dvd driver so i can burn my iso or .fd file...tq
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