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So Black Friday and other sales are coming up, and I've come across two different sales for two different keyboards, both Logitech, and I've found myself needing a new keyboard, if only because it's 3+ years old, and some keys are wonky while others have their letters scratched off. I've looked over the specs and reviews, and both seem to be really great keyboards that I'm sure will last me a long while (hopefully), but I want to get some more opinions first, and I'm wanting to see if there's a big difference or not and which would be better suited for a casual gamer and web designer/developer (comfort over long hours, etc).

Also, I know the G11 comes with certain software which allows for the macro buttons to be used, and I'm wondering if there have been any problems with said software on Win7 64.
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  1. The G15 macro and display software works fine on 7 x64, so I would imagine the G11 works fine as well.
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