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I've recently purchased a LG Flatron W2243S monitor with the intent of mounting it with a bracket on the wall - I've located the four holes on the back of the monitor for the bracket to attach to but when it comes to removing the stand body there are no visible screws and it appears to be attached inside the monitor. Has anybody come across this kind of design/flaw before - is there a workaround or are these monitors not intended for wall mounting? Also - there are no visible screws to take the monitor apart - I assume they're hidden beneath the black fascia on the front.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Same problem here! What sense does it make to design a VESA 100mm compatible display if it's not possible to remove part of its base??? I've just bought this monitor so i could use it in a support, but now i see it's pretty limited on that matter...

    Have you found a way around this, frednaughty?
  2. Try contacting LG support...
  3. I didn't find a solution for this, Smell. I ended up taking the monitor back and exchanging it for a different one. A pity since the LG is actually a better quality monitor than the one I exchanged it for.
  4. Guess what? I just called LG support and i was told it cannot be taken off by the end user! I need to go to a support center to have it done.

    The operator couldn't tell me if the W2243S has to get the case completelly open (which would take one work day) or just withdraw those two internal screws (which only takes a couple of minutes). In any case, they will do it at no cost.

    I really don't get what good it brings to LG by making it so complicated to remove a damn small piece of plastic though...

  5. Poor design...
  6. I agree totally with all tha's been said I've just purchased 2 of these for our office and finally found some decent fully adjustable for height, angle and bi directional wall mounts only to discover the same as you guy's, what a ridiculos design, I'm seriously looking at getting out a fine tooth hack saw blade and just cutting it off as I'm not going to need the base stand again, not ideal but a quick fix to the problem.
  7. if you would of did some research you would of found out that the LG is not wall mountable or not suitable for wall mounting, i was going to buy a flatron intill i did some research and found out that its not wall mountable so i bought another 27'.
  8. I bought 3 Flatron W2343T monitors for Christmas gifts (kept one, gave other two to family members.) After I opened one, I discovered the same problem described above. I contacted LG Tech Support on the phone and was told the base WAS removable, only to find out that the tech was talking about the flat part, not the "neck" of the base. After the tech talked to a senior level technician, he told me that the "neck" is NOT user-removable. After explaining to him that I had bought 3 monitors and was about to send them all back, he told me the senior level technician would be willing to email me the service manual, since removal of the "neck" is not covered under warranty. The service manual is terribly unclear on the procedure; however, I managed to figure it out once I got the case open. I highly recommend anyone who is considering mounting this with a VESA mount to stay away from this monitor. I posted a review on Newegg stating that this is a problem with this particular model, so I hope LG gets the message. I really don't understand how they could put a VESA mount on it and give it a base that isn't fully removable.

    That being said, I really do love this monitor. It is big and beautiful and has very good color representation. It's not perfect, but I'm so happy with it that I'd buy another LG monitor in a heartbeat.

    If anyone would like the service manual for these, I'd be willing to email it to ya. Send an email with Flatron W2343 in the subject line to ubersham -at- y*hoo -dot- com and I'll help you in whatever way I can.

    if you would of did some research you would of found out that the LG is not wall mountable or not suitable for wall mounting, i was going to buy a flatron intill i did some research and found out that its not wall mountable so i bought another 27'.

    At the time I purchased these monitors, there was no "research" stating that the Flatron isn't wall mountable. The spec sheet for this monitor states it comes with a VESA 100 mount, which is a standard wall mount. This indicates to me LG intends for people to be able to mount these using standard adapters. So "intill" someone posted a review stating that the base is not user-removable, there was no "research" available about this monitor. I feel bad for you, darthlaidher, since you have been taught neither English nor logic, but I'm glad you found a different monitor that was suitable to your needs.
  9. I posted a pic directly from the manual which may help some.

    - Ubersham

    *edit* To all who have emailed me recently asking me for the manual, I want to apologize for not getting back to you. Emailing the manual became more work than I was willing to do. I also want to say that the only thing I found useful in the manual was this picture. It shows a person prying the bezel apart using his fingers, which is how you should start. From there, I would suggest just being careful, prying the bezel apart towards each corner. Keep all the screws you remove in one place so when you're putting it back together, you won't forget to put any back.

    Most of the rest of the service manual is timing charts, electronic schematics, and other details that don't pertain to removing the base. If anyone has any specific questions about removing the base, I'll be happy to answer you. But I am no longer willing to email the service manual.
  10. Ubersham said:
    I posted a pic directly from the manual which may help some. If you'd like more help, I'll continue to email the complete service manual to any who request it.

    - Ubersham


    thanks for that picture, could you please send me the full manual to fairflashguy ( at )
    Thank you, you already helped a lot.
  11. Yep, I used a hacksaw to cut off the base of my E2340T -it's solid plastic so in the future I can epoxy it back together if I need to. I was not going to try to open the case 'cause unless you know exactly how it locks together you will break the tabs and never fix it.
    Research? ya - shoulda, coulda, woulda -too late now.
    Turns out it gets poor reviews in comparison to say Phillips monitors but I needed a larger screen and it was on sale at TigerD.
    Epoxied the mounting plate of a desk arm to the back (no mounting holes on E2340T) -works the way I want now and I'll look for a download to fully calibrate the colour for better results.
    You screw up- you learn!
  12. Just wanted to let people know that, after seeing the pic of the front bezel being removed, i gingerly gave it a try. I removed the unwanted piece and put it back together in less than 10 minutes. If you are even moderately careful, you won't break the bezel. Once that's off, it's surprisingly easy to take apart. The screws (not 2 btw- 5) are then easily accessible, and the only thing you have to be a little detail-oriented with is the long pcb board that the monitor control switches are on. I doubt if anyone could tell that i've had it apart, and now i can put the base on later if i want. NO FEAR! Honestly, don't be afraid to do it, if you've installed a drive in a tower, it's easier than that. And LG... wtf is up in the design department?
  13. All good info. Thanks particularly Ubersham and mistergreen. I have just fixed two monitors. The trick is in realizing that you need to lift the inside edge of the bezel and roll it out and up. The centre at the top is the easiest. The first corner is the hardest, but once one corner is done it is easy. I rang a service agent to see if there were any other tricks and he talked me through it just as reported.
  14. I just did 12 of these. Wearing some thin gloves helps a lot, add strenth and reducing pain in your fingers. Use both hands (one hand on a vertical side and the other on a horizontal side) and GENTLY keep lfting the edge, while moving your hands increasingly towads one of the top corners. Take a break if you have to, then try again. Once you get a corner loose it's easy. Loosen the front cover, then flip it so it's face down. Lift off the back cover.

    After the 2nd one, the rest took me less than 5 minutes each.
  15. Thanks for Ubersham!! I recently have same problem with mounting LG Monitor TV 19 and your pic helps me a lot. thanx!
  16. I just got the 21.5" IPS based LG for my kids' Christmas present. I snapped (there are no screws) the neck into the panel and the base to the neck. I now want to get it back into the box (so it can be wrapped), but the neck won't come off the neck - ARG!!!
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