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I have a dv7 pavilion Hp laptop with a 6770m. It was updating the drivers last night and BSOD and now when ever it turns on I can't get past the Welcome screen and there seems to be no system restore points. System recovery is a final resort. (Sorry for the dirtyness I havent used this for a while)

Thank you
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  1. Can you open it in Safe mode?
  2. Sonophos said:
    Can you open it in Safe mode?

    I have not tried but I believe I could.
  3. Start in safe mode and roll back the drivers you updated then do them one at a time, rebopoting after each one, when you get to the one that crashes roll that back and you should be OK.
  4. Quote:

    This bug check indicates that a system thread generated an exception that the error handler did not catch.

    Its worth noting, its the ATI driver that crashed, so it appears to be a GPU problem. Could also be RAM however; too early to say at this point. Short term, you can run memtest86+ to validate the RAM.
  5. Oh I probably should have stated more clearly that I was updating my ccc/gpu drivers when it bsod
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