Magic Tune Issue Samsung Syncmaster XL2370

Vista 64
geforce 9800GX2s

Magic Tune version 3.0.5

MagicTune Premium for VISTA, WIN7 64Bit International Download
*MagicTune Premium.
MagicTune Premium is for 64bit VISTA, WIN7 OS.

the cards are not listed in the LCDs compatibility list but Ive heard of other people finding work arounds in win7 so Im hoping you guys can help me out.

the installation seems to go fine, requests a reboot to run, upon rebooting and starting the application it says that MagicTune has stopped working, asks for a windows vista report then asks for another reboot and just keeps doing that over and over.
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  1. I still havent found a solution, any suggestions are welcome from users who have experience with this software.

    I believe it may be an SLI issue but Im unsure
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