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Hello, Can i replace the speakers wire jack that goes into the computer? I broke the metal tip in my computer, and broke the adapter cord to go to my surround sound speakers. Do I have to buy another surround sound, or can I just replace the missing speaker jack point thing???
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  1. Laptop or desktop?

    Maybe a drill with very low speed and a very small bit can extract it, just enough to grab it(get a friend who knows something). Make sure sure you get those left over metal bits out. It's something I would do but if you aren't experienced, don't try it yourself. That's a hard core solution but you might to try something less severe with just turning it over(shake lightly) or even tiny tweezers.

    If you can see it in the jack you could use a stiff wire with a small amount of something like gum to help pull it out.

    You can replace the "speaker point jack thing" You just get a new one and re-wire. Personally what I would do it get a whole new cord and re-wire it into the amp of the speakers.

    Just to clarify if you need to goto a Radio Shack for example, the pointy thing is "male", and the hole is called a female. Then just cut off the bad part and re-wire the parts together.

    I hope this works out for you,

    the Prisoner
  2. Get set of old headphone's or speakers cut the wire and wire it right to the speakers after you cut of the broken end, if all you need to do is replace the male end. I would buy an 1/4 inch adapter and wire that in then attach then use another 1/8 adapter inch to the device.
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