Upgrade help?

I intend on builiding a new pc, but am thinking about waiting until the next gen cpu's are released, so in the meantime, was thinking about upgrading my current pc.

Athlon C 1.2gig@266
A7M266 mobo
512 pc2100 ddr
Geforce4 Ti 4400

upgrades. XP2100 with a volcano 7 fan

will this give a decent performance increase over my current system? How overclockable is an xp2100 and would i need higher bandwidth ram such as pc2700? Or, should I just put together a new system with the latest components running an xp2800 or 3000 on an A78X mobo, and hope the new processors can be used with current mobo's?
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  1. If you do not plan on overclocking the system just by a 2000+ (Retail) from newegg for around $80. Otherwise you can buy the OEM and buy a good heatsink. Hopefully that should satisfy you for a while.

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