Copying from cd's made from XP onto Windows 7

I have just purchased a new laptop with Windows Home Premium installed. I would like to copy from cd's I made from Microsoft Works on my old laptop which had Windows XP. What is the easiest way to do this if it can be done. install Microsoft Works on my new computer?
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  1. Copying files? copy and paste.
  2. Depending on the version of MS Works that you have, you can run it on Windows 7. So, what version do you have?

    Regarding copying the old files you saved (I assume you mean Works files), you can insert the disk and then copy/paste them as rgd1101 said to your Documents library (kind of like the My Documents folder in XP).
  3. well, first you will want to turn on the laptop that you recently purchased

    Then you will want to place the CD that you made in the CD try with the correct side up.

    third, you will want to close the CD tray.

    Now this is where it gets tricky, you have to press the Start bubble in the lower left and select computer from the menu that appears.

    This is the expert level part, find the CD and double click on it.

    If you can do this, you're a guru. Select each file you wish to copy from the CD, then press the button on the right side of your mouse and then press the left button after you have navigated the pointer to the copy option.

    If you've been able to follow along so far, you should be okay for this part. Press that right button again in any random location on the main screen that shows when you first turn on ur laptop, walk away for 10 minutes, and come back. It's known as the Desktop. Then navigate to the paste option and press the left button on your mouse.
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