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Question about clock speed

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February 21, 2003 6:33:42 PM

Hey everyone

I don't really know that much about computers, but I was able to build my first pc (with some help). Anyways, I have an amd processor, more specifically an athlon xp 2000+, and I know that sometimes you need to change certain settings in order to get the advertised clock speed of the processor. But I was just wondering if you can just go into the settings and change the speed manually, or if there are any specific requirements before doing so.

Here's what i have just in case it does matter (used a few old parts):

Athlon xp 2000+
ECS k7s5a pro
192 mb sdram
geforce2 mx400

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February 21, 2003 7:28:41 PM

Well, its all about your motherboard. On your motherboard, theres all kinds of switches. If you look in the manual it'll tell you which ones to change. You want to set your fsb to 133mhz and i think you should be able to set your multiplier on defualt, and that should be it. If there is a switch for vcore leave that on default. Also, it is possible that there are no switches and you change teh settings in the bios, you'd have to check your manual.