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Considering a Deck Legend illuminated keyboard vs. a Logitech G110 and can't make up my mind. The Deck is twice as expensive, but is much more solidly built and will last much longer I believe, and has variable illumination which I like. The Logitech has more gaming features like programmable macro keys, but lacks illumination brightness adjustment. Is the Deck worth the extra money (~$150)? Any comments would be much appreciated.
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  1. How would you like a keyboard which will last 22 years (and probably that again), and has an incomparable touch ? And is from the world's (then) leading computer mainframe maker and pioneer of personal computers. Oh, and though it originally retailed for about $200, mine cost about $1.50.

    I'm talking about the IBM PS/2 keyboard. The one I'm typing on was made in Scotland in September 1987 and they still turn up at flea markets for a coupla dollars.

    Sorry: no variable illumination or gaming keys -- just fabulous build quality.
  2. WOW!! I really think you missed the mark with your suggestion, fihart. The guy wants an ILLUMINATED keyboard...either for the gimmick-factor, or for gaming in the dark. Either way, the main feature HAS to be backlit keys...and no matter HOW long your IBM will last, it does him no good.

    BTW - I completely agree with you on the quality of IBM. I still have the original IBM Selectric typewriter I used in high school...and it works as well as the day it was manufactured!!

    Now if only I could get the keys to glow... ;)
  3. Come on. He only WANTS backlit keys, what he NEEDS is a decent keyboard.
  4. Yes. That doesn't have to mean archaic. Yes, IBM keyboards are good quality, but there are more modern keyboards that can last quite a long time.
  5. You may be a Veteran, but my keyboard is probably older than you.

    If not the keyboard, I am.

    What's wrong with archaic ?

    Well, I must admit that as a chat-up line " you're 24 ? Wow, I have shoes older than that" does not work so well.
  6. What's wrong with archaic? The PS/2 connector is my main complaint. The old IBM keyboards are well built, don't get me wrong, but they certainly aren't the only choice if someone wants a good keyboard.
  7. Inevitably, you are right -- but I do love my old IBM and I have yet to find a recent keyboard that matches it for touch (let alone longevity, of course)
  8. I have a Deck (toxic) and love it. The key response and quality is top (they use the same old-style IBM switches in the keys so fihart would approve). THE BEST for nighttime gaming. I think the Logitech has too many bells and whistles for my gaming needs - I just wanted a sweet illuminated keyboard. PLUS, and I can't swear the Logitech doesn't have this, but most/all other (like the Saitek) illuminated keyboards have a few LEDs that light all the keys like a backlighting. The Deck has 1 LED for EACH key so nice even lighting. The adjustable lighting is also a plus (I have mine at level 1 out of 7 and it's plenty bright). PLUS, the Deck keys have the letters/numbers embedded/made into the actual key so there's no way you can wear off a key since they're not painted on.

    The expensive switches plus the cost for all the LEDs is the reason for the expense. They don't make much money off the keyboard from what I read. Get the Deck and you'll be very happy.
  9. The Logitech ultra-thin illuminated keyboard is a nice alternative. Its half the price of the Deck. Although not as bright, the illumination is just as even as the Deck (I dont know if they use the same trick that Deck does using an LED for every key) and the letters are laser etched into the keys to prevent any wear. It use the same scissor-action "PerfectStroke Key System" as the diNovo Edge (again, at half the price).

    Just my 2-cents.
  10. Quote:

    I'm talking about the IBM PS/2 keyboard. The one I'm typing on was made in Scotland in September 1987 and they still turn up at flea markets for a coupla dollars.



    you may already know this, but your old IBM "Model M" keyboard you love so much is STILL being produced by Unicomp. Still uses the "Buckling Spring" mechanism that gives you that "incomparable touch" you mentioned...and now with your choice of PS/2 or USB cable.

    Check out the "Customizer 104/105" ...or if you'd prefer an integrated mouse stick, the Endurapro is the ticket!!
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