Sennheiser headsets, good for gaming?

My old Tritton AX Pros broke by accident and I loved them but I am looking to see if there is better for use on the PS3 and PC. I came across some Sennheiser headsets (I had never heard of them before) and they look promising but I don't know if they are right for the job since I am looking for a surround sound headset but I do not know very much about these and none of the headsets say surround sound but instead stereo. I am looking at the PC350 and the HD 555, both from Sennheiser and maybe the HD 595 series if it truly is worth the extra $100 over the 555s. But I am also looking at the Astro a40s or i just might buy another Tritton AX Pro if you guys say it is the best for the ps3/pc.
I would like to know from people with experience, that's why I like this site very much and if there are any other headsets that you think would do a good job please do tell me!
Thanks for any help that is provided!!
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  1. theres no really such thing as a gaming headset, until they squeeze in a mic, or some generic(crappy) surround technology,

    the better then headphone the better for gaming. and anyway most soundcards will provide with a headphone surround sound technology.
  2. I didn't think the surround sound was "generic" at all in the Tritton AX Pros, I actually thought it was quite amazing! Either way the headset will mostly be used for ps3 so how it sounds with a sound card is of little importance to me. Thanks anyways for the reply.
    Anyway im still looking for an answer so any helps appreciated!!
  3. Sennheiser are more for music than games if anything. I have the 595's, excellent for music although some people would consider others better I think. I bought them for music first, gaming second and it depends on what you want from them.

    Whether or not they are worth it over the 555's is another matter. Perhaps pop over to somewhere like and search, do not post, your question will have been asked many times already considering the age of the headphones in question, they may also be able to suggest some others.
  4. Alright. i actually found that website yesterday since i wasnt getting any answers on toms. They are great for this kind of thing. They suggested i get the AD700s with the a40 mixamp and that sounds like a very good idea to me though im still waiting to see if they have any better suggestions. Thanks anyways!
  5. why would something be prefered over music then gaming, isnt it just a comparions over sound quality???? i mean this headphone a was very detailed and headphone b is muddy, yet headphone b sed it was for gaming , saying taht they are the same price, would 'gamers' go for headphone b??? i dont think so

    you can see why i put ' ' on gamers cos well... it dont mean sod all...

    choose the headphone that sounds best, and that in turn will eb the best for games. simple.
  6. unless ur gonna step into surround sound, that can also be sorted out with some decent soundcard, with such technology as dolby headphone.

    theres also some great features on SRS audio sandbox.
  7. See, my senn's are not really heavy with the bass as that, for most music is not wanted, but people like speakers to be more weigted to different parts of the audible spectrum when gaming as it will suit things like gunfire or explosions.

    To many people over emphasis on bass usually means sound is good, especially for games. So mentioning sound quality is subjective.
  8. i think bass is subjective too.... anyways, bad headphone, which many 'gaming' headphone are compared to 'real' headphones, if u know what i mean, have poor imaging and soundstage, whre in this case which is why i tell people to get proper headphone, instead of those such as creative fatality series,

    although the logitech g35 is good. as i only really heard good things about it.
  9. have a proper headphones like megamer suggests and get a separate mike and put it on your desk. If i really want to, I can use HD595 and a desk mic or pair it up with zalman clip-on mic(that is $5 if you search on google).
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