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I have a panasonic 50" viera 720p tv and want to add some speakers to it but noticed it dosent have a 3.5mm jack for pc speakers so I wanted to know if there where any ways to hook up some pc speakers
and hook them up to
without any type of reciever.
I'm also gettin verizon FIOS which comes with an HD reciever and HDMI so maybe that can act as a reciever because my tv dosent have ant rca output for the speakers, only and HDMI option. if worst comes to worst Ill just get something from here
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  1. sorry if im not being any of ahelp, but 50inches and its only 720p???
  2. $700 for a 720p at the time... 1080p was like $1200
  3. fair enough :P
  4. bump
  5. Check your TV if it has an Audio output that say. If it does not have mini-jack, sometimes it has RCA's (stereo only) it might also have a writing like "VARIABLE" which means it has an option to adjust the volume output. Then use an adapter to connect your amplified speakers.
  6. thanks I'll try that
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