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I want to buy a laptop so I can have some mobility. I will not be carting it around everyday so size isn't an issue however I want to make sure it can run all my CS4 programs without hanging. I know I need at least 4GB ram, a dual or quad processor that runs at least 7200rpm and I want a nice resolution and 500GB internal. Blue tooth and a back lit keyboard as I am on late a night sometimes. My budget is $1300 cdn approx. I found a Dell Studio 17 with I-core, 1TB internal, 4GB ram for just under $1400 but not sure Dell is the best laptop for CS4. I would love a 17" Lenovo Ideapad but I can't find them anywhere only the Y550 and the rpm is only 5400. I could go with a 15.6 or 16" but the rpms have to be there as I can use my desk top monitor when I am at home.

I have checked ot Tiger Direct and the other regular hounts but I haven't found exactly what I need yet. TD had a 18.4" Acer i-core but it's over 10lbs.

ANyone have any other suggestions? Gaming laptops would be great but they are over $2000 and for that I might as well do Mac. I just don't think Mac is worth twice the money especially if I have to buy all new softwear.
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  1. Not sure if its got lid keboard, check on website. is out of stock, they should be getting more stock soon.

    ASUS G51J-A1, full HD display, Intel® Core™ i7-720QM, GeForce GTX 260M ,2 7200 rpm hard drives, 2 years warranty, quality mouse, bag, 30 days pixel warranty. $1405.53
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