Need a more Powerful Power Supply?

When I do video encoding on my computer, it would just restart itself. When I just surf the net or burn a CD its fine. I'm think its because my psu isn't powerful enough, but I just want to make sure its not my cpu.

My system specs:
Generic AMD approved 300w PSU
Soltek SLDRV5 KT333
AMD xp1700+
ATI Radeon AIW 8500DV
Linksys NIC Card
Pioneer A05 DVD-RW
Asus 24x CDRW
Pioneer DVD-Rom
IBM gxp120 80gig HD
Soundblaster Live Value
Hp USB mouse
Generic Keyboard
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  1. Usually if you have to ask if you need a new PSU then you probably do. That system seems to be a bit much for a generic 300W PSU to handle.

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  2. That system is virtually identical to one of mine. I do a lot of encoding on it. The main difference between our two is the power supply (what a surprise). I've got a 431W Enermax, though I think a good 350W will still work for you.

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  3. Thanks
  4. You haven't listed any cooling fans, they are power drains also, I would suggest a target of 400W minimum, from what you've listed including cooling fans, more is better than not enough.

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  5. Hi all,
    Something else to remember about ANY electronic power supply. You need to run a power supply that supplies 40-50% MORE used energy then you are using, power supply problems with the components can result when you stress the system toward the max. Its the way the system works in any electric/electronis system , alway get more then you think you need.
  6. Oh, I forgot to list those. I don't think its a big factor anyway because I only use one 80mm 2xxx rpm fan in the back of my case.

    I am currently choosing a new power supply and would like some advice / recommendations.
    I know that Enermax, Antec and Vantec make good PSU's but they are on the expensive side. I want some feedback on the following brands.

    Middle Priced PSU:

    Low Priced PSU:

    If you have a better recommendation, that's appreciated also. My price range is under $50 including shipping.
  7. Oh I also plan to upgrade the processor to an xp2800 barton core sometime in the future. So is 400w enough for that?
  8. Yes, but make sure its a good branded 400watt PSU, preferably made by Enermax. Some generic 400watters are about as good as the branded 300watt PSUs, it makes a lot of difference.

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