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Why does my 120hz TV not seem to display in 120hz anymore?

Last response: in Home Theatre
March 17, 2011 12:07:01 AM

I recently bought a Vizio 47" SV420M Model 120hz LCD tv about a month ago..Now when I first plugged in the Hdmi cord into my xbox360 it was perfect and smooth, Clearly running in the 120hz that it says.

I then stopped playing xbox for a bit, and decided to plug my laptop PC into the tv via the same hdmi cord. However I just recently noticed a few weeks ago, That my Tv doesnt seem to run in 120hz anymore, Almost like 60hz. Every now and again I MAY see a slight glimpse of 120hz, but I imagine it's my eyes playing tricks on me.

Have my eyes gotten used to the 120hz? Or is there something else wrong and any way to fix it. I havent messed with any setting on my xbox, PC, or the TV itself since I got everything hooked up and it was working fine.

Any help would be great as soon as possible.
a b x TV
March 17, 2011 7:19:37 AM

You probably got used to it.

After watching Avatar in 3D at the theatre for about 20 minutes, the 3D effect wore off and it was more like a regular 2D movie.

120Hz HDTVs only have 60Hz inputs. The "120Hz" refers to some video processing that the internal electronics does to smooth out video can create that "live look" for movies.

Playing games in 120Hz mode will result in some input lag since the HDTV needs a little time for it's video processing before displaying it on the screen. It is recommended you switch the HDTV to 60Hz mode for playing games.
March 17, 2011 3:39:06 PM

Hm, I see. Well how exactly do I tone it down to 60hz when Im playing a game?

I use netflix, so I would like to have it on 120hz whenever im watching a movie or shows from my computer or xox hooked into my tv. Even though I cant really see the 120hz apparently, I would still like to know how to toggle it.
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a b x TV
March 17, 2011 7:05:33 PM

Toggling between 60Hz and 120Hz should be in the HDTV's display menu. You'll need to explore around.
March 18, 2011 4:05:30 PM

Well I've figured that out, but another thing I dont understand.

I dont want to say Ive gotten used to it, as when I go to my local walmart, I watch the 120hz display tv's and they have that live look like mine had for the first week or two.

I only need the 120hz for when Im on my computer watching movies, Its set to 120hz but I can only see it every now and then, like it kicks in for seconds or minutes at a time, and only on certain things.
March 18, 2011 10:06:42 PM

well its good to know that your eyes havent gotten bad.

maybe the lcd screen is starting to lose its response time.
maybe the components inside the television are aging (or simply malfunctioning)

how old is the television?
maybe you need to contact the company that makes the television and let them know that they might have released some defective products.
they might be willing to work with you if you let them know that the parts they received were made wrong at the factory.

i would think its one of these three things:
1. the lcd screen is slowing down
2. the pieces on the circuit board are showing age (maybe too early?)
3. maybe there is something wrong with the electricity supplied to the television.

if there is dirty electricity.. maybe you can clean the electricity and restore the television back to full functionality.
but maybe the dirty electricity has caused damaged that cannot be fixed without replacing all of the parts that have suffered from torture.