Cant get local stations from direct tv

I live in a small town on the border of two counties. The local tv stations I would normally receive with an antenna or digital converter is considered out of my viewing area with Direct TV because they are in the "other" county. The "local" stations I do receive are from a city an hour away. My family who lives 5 minutes from me receive the closer stations because they are in the "other" county. Direct TV told me that there was nothing they could do because of my location. Any news or severe weather reports I receive are not even relevant to my area. I have tried to contact the FCC, but never heard back. I was told that someone else in my area was able to get the local stations.... but not sure how. Any suggestions or ideas on how I can get my local stations????
Thanks for your help!
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  1. Assuming you have an HDTV, it should have multiple inputs: Composite, Component, HDMI, RF Cable, etc...

    Probably your best bet is to use either HDMI or Component connections for your DirecTV connection and a simple RF antenna for your local channels. Then all you need to do is switch inputs on your HDTV from HDMI/Component to "antenna" to pick up your local channels.

    Use to find out what local channels are available to you.

    -Wolf sends
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