Monaural audio cord?

didnt know where to post this but im looking to upgrade my receiver to THIS but notice that i need a Monaural cable for my subwofer ,im using LG speakers with the receiver i have now and all of the speakers including the Sub use the regular speaker wire .is there an adapter i can buy to be able to use my current sub? thanks
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    What model speakers do you have so we can see the connections on them? Does the sub have a separate input from the speakers or does it take in all the signal and then the satellites connect to it? If it's the latter, you won't be able to use the sub out on the reciever even with some type of adapter.
  2. hey! thanks for the response .i already bought t and im using 4 ohms LG speakers and a Yamaha powered sub . i had to buy a powered sub but thanks
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