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Hello All,
Wondering if a 5450 PCI-E Card will work (Allow my Game to run) with an Intel p4 D915GAG Chipset MOBO? I'm having problems getting a certain game to even load, the Graphics Card just says 512. I've tried every compatibility combination possible. 3.0GHz, 2.50 RAM. Ran perfect before I decided to go from XP Pro 64 to XP 32 Home(More Driver Support).Also, would a 2GB card be too much for this board? Specs say 450 PSU I have a 500W; Or just go with the 512 or 1GB Card? What's the issue,GC,MOBO or both? Had a 4650 512 GC in an ATI 3200+ 64 bit, MOBO, some caps were bad. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Game is Custom Play Golf by Red Chain Portal Games
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    This is more of a "systems" question...

    I would say a standard 1gb card unless your looking at upgrading your Power supply, have some cheap coolmaster 750w Psu's and some good prices on radeo 5750's. But considering you have a p4 cpu/boared I would say it's just a good idea to upgrade the whole unit... there should be some good/cheap rigs hitting ebay due to the release of mw3/bf3.
  2. Thanks, much appreciated; I thought it was the subpar MOBO CPU.Ill go check that out.
  3. I wish you good luck
  4. Thanks, actually went with a different MOBO, 120GB SSD, going to put Applications on the SSD and everything else on my 1TB HDD. Works better than I thought it would.
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