Is there a way to fix a "lens error"?

Hello People,

I have a digital camera. It is only several months old and has barely been used :love:
I just got a "lens error" :pfff:

I turn the camera on, it says, "lens error", and then turns off by itself :??:
No inputs will work, by pressing buttons. The only button that seems to accept input is the power button.

The lens won't go back in and is stuck in the out postion :fou:
During proper normal function when it was working, the lens would pop out when the camera was turned on, and pop back in when it was turned off.
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    There is a way to fix it, need to bring it to a repair shop unless you want to take it apart and back together again to fix the stuck lens. I doubt you want to do either one of those things as it should be in warranty.
  2. right about now, that is the only option that I can see.

    Unless of course I want to have fun taking a hammer to it
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