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whenever i try to minimise any application in my windows 7 ultimate dell vostro laptop, the window does not minimum and the laptop freezes for sometime and the top of the window reads 'Not Responding'. also the laptop has become very slow and takes time to startup and shutdown.
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  1. Run a Virus scan and a Malware Scan. Best place to start. Also Clean up old files and run disk defrag.
  2. I'd also add that you should check out what programs and services run when you start your computer by going to Start-> Run, type in "msconfig" (without quotes), and then go through the startup programs tab and disable everything that isn't antivirus. Everything that isn't antivirus. Check your startup services, uncheck everything that isn't either (a) made by Microsoft or (b) your antivirus. Once you've gone through all that, restart your computer and see what happens.
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