How to get photos off an sd card that says sd setup without a program

i recently went away and took quite alot of photos. when i viewed them on the camera it worked fine until all of a sudden a message saying ' card setup' popped up with the options to formatt or swith off on it. if i formatt the card i know i will delet the photos so i just stopped using the card. im home now but my computer wont even read the sd card. what can i do to get my photos back without downloading a recovery program?
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  1. Without a recovery program? You can leave it on your desk for a while and try it again later hoping that somehow something got fixed on it's own.

    Try recuva, it may find something to restore.

    There are also dedicated picture recovery programs but most of those are paid, and I have not tried any so can't really recommend anything.
  2. To be frank, such situation dose need a data recovery tool, of course you can select a freeware to have a try.
    The link will show you such a free data recovery which is a very helpful tool to retrieve lost data caused by reasons like the one you met. I have tried it once, it is really convenient. Now that it is free why not have a try?
    If this cannot help you then perhaps you may just leave it there and wait for some time to see if the pictures will show up. But do remember you cannot store any new data in it in which case the old data will be rewrite and then you will never find them back again.
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