To wait or not to wait for Athlon 64

I'm in the market for upgrading my system, but not urgently. I could buy a nice Athlon 220+ system in about 4 months. (gotta save up the dough) I'm also interested in the next generation of Athlon processors, though. The new Athlons are supposed to come out in August. I would be fine with an Athlon XP, but I don't want to buy it and then find out about a new series of processors totally overshadowing what I buy. I would definatly be willing to spend mucho dinero for an Athlon 64 if they're the real deal. It just depends on when they're released.

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  1. Personally, I wouldn't try a new processor until they are "tried and true". Wich may be next year sometime.

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  2. Man, I can totally relate to where you're coming from on this. I would like to upgrade now, but we are about to have some new paradigms thrust upon us, and then what will change? It's a tough question. I figure in three months, I'll have enough cash to buy an Athlon 3200+ (which will almost certainly be out by then) or a Pentium 3.2 GHZ with HT. Yet, if I'm gonna wait three months, why not wait six and buy the Hammer or the Prescott when it comes out?

    And yet I know that six months from now, I'll be hesitant to buy because some new thing will be in the works.

    It's the price you pay for being too well informed, I guess. Ignorance is bliss, and sometimes I wish I didn't know exactly how outdated my hardware is--to the week. If I was rich, (like all the guys working for Tom's Hardware :smile: ) I would just upgrade every six months or so to the newest, fastest thing. That's too expensive in real life though.

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  3. Yeah, that's true. My system's doing fine now, so I think I'll wait for the next generation of processors. I figure that by that time, even if I don't want to get a next generation processor, I'll be able to buy a top notch P4 or Athlon XP.

    I tend to wait for hardware to get to the midrange level. I waited until the GeForce 4 Ti4200 got to $100 to buy one, and it runs like a dream

  4. I'm in the same bind as well. I'd rather build a new machine at the inception of a new line of cpu's not at the twilight of another generation cpu. I decided to just wait for the hammer processors and upgraded my cpu with an xp2100 which i will overclock hopefully to around 2.0 - 2.2 ghz. This will hold me over until the new stuff is released, or if they aren't all that i'll just put together a system with whatever xp cpu is top of the line at the time.
  5. I think you should wait,... Why spend money now on a cheaper/slower 32 bit computer that can easily handle todays apps with ease, when in a year and a half AMD will be offering Athlon 64 with a windows based OS to go on it.

    Sure you can run 32 windows on it or 64 bit Linux, so that makes the investment and the wait time all the more sound.

    I doubt Opteron will be affordable for the average user. But hey since your dreaming big go all out.

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  6. I too am in this boat with you guys...

    All I can offer is this:

    -You should never buy the best of the best when it comes out. It is better to buy something upgradable and spend the extra cash you would have spent on the new stuff a year later. That way you are never totally SOL.

    -AMD has been running the Athlon chips for I think 5 years now. They are done. You can get a really good price on a system using an AMD 2400+, for example, and DDR 2700.

    I am still running my PIII 800 on an ASUS CUSL2 with 512 of PC100. It is a rock (knock on wood) but being a gamer makes it difficult to keep up. With the release of some newer games in the near future I will have to upgrade but I am not going to foolishly drop 2-3k on a state of the art gaming rig. Waste of money. I would opt for the AMD 2400 setup I mentioned earlier or a possible Granite Bay system. I would wait to purchase the Granite Bay for a few more months but there is no sense in buying a rig that has the latest in it. You're paying for new technology that will be old in a coupla months.

  7. Well, agree with most people's opinins.

    If I'm right, you already plan to wait 4 months. That's enough to see what can you expect from the new AMD cpu. But I also will wait some time, until Christmas at least, to see the platfrom mature and prices drop. That means half year more that what you are planning, but I thing it's worth.

    IMO now we are seeing a major change in both AMD and Intel. The first one with its 64 bit CPU and the second going seriously for double DDR & 800FSB. So for both platforms I will wait. After that, pick up what you want.

    Obviously this suppose that you have to live with your current rig, I don't know if it's posible. Overclock is a way to make its life longer (in terms of usability).

    Hope this helps.

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  8. Personally, I don't have real high expectations of the Athlon 64. I hope that it performs as good as the latest Athlon that is out by then, but I don't see it being too much faster. (At least at launch)

    I would recommend an upgrade plan where you use your current system until you get some software that it struggles with. Then, it is a good time to upgrade and you should buy something that is priced well. Most computer enthusiasts upgrade way too early. I think that it is funny because they buy a system that will be future proof and last for a long time, but then 6 months after buying it, they have their eye on upgrading again because of all the new things that are out. If they have will power, they wait over a year. I used to be the same way. Now that I am married and we make decisions together, my wife talked some sense into me. Now we will upgrade when our computer starts to struggle or has problems so I see our 1.4 GHz Athlon lasting another year.

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  9. As far as opteron goes, it is a long way off and getting something in the meantime might be good then should could upgrade to the Athlon64 when it has been out for a little and everything has been worked out.

    Like all of you above, I am in somewhat similar boat. Basically I plan to absolutely upgrade in either April-June. Basically I decided, if AMD does not spit out a 400mhz FSB CPU then I will get an Intel Canterwood and maybe a 3ghz w/HT cpu. If AMD does make the move to 400mhz then I will get the latest AMD CPU. My XP1700+ on and A7N8X deluxe will hold me till then. What is cool about getting a Canterwood in May is that you will have the ability to upgrade to Prescot farily easily.

    The part that sucks is the situation with upgrading my video card. I have an old GF3 Ti500 and was looking forward to the GFX but was miserably disappointed. I may get an intermediate like the 9700pro or the next ATI derivative and just wait for the NV35 or NV40

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  10. I'm bulidin a new system this summer so I guess the 64 won't be out by then. How many more of the XP's are they making?

    I'll probably get the last manufactured Athlon XP cuz it'll be the best value, and frankly I think the 64 will be delayed to 2004.

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  11. Quote:
    I may get an intermediate like the 9700pro or the next ATI derivative and just wait for the NV35 or NV40

    Man, that hardware is something that I wouldn't call "intermediate". Sounds like "can barely run my games, have to change in 3 months". Come on, I'm sure I will serve you well and last a lot!

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  12. wait for the second core of the opteron, that way all the bugs will be worked out and it will be nice and tested.

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