HP pcs 1315v All-In-one Printer Problem

I have had this printer for over 2 years, with out a problem, but now all of a sudden, It will begin to pull in the paper only half way through, and then the printer will alert me and say that there is no paper or that there is a paper jam and/or it will tell me to check the print cartridges. I removed the paper/checked the cartridges in another printer, and they worked fine. So then I restarted the printer yet again, it did it one more time.

This will happen every time that I turn the printer on, and when I hit the print button on the computer. The Scanner will work, but if I want to make a copy of something it pulls the paper halfway through and jams up.

Can this be fixed, or should I just throw it out the window and buy a new printer?
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  1. Try using different paper -- thinner or thicker than present stock.
  2. Still does It. Although it did not pull it through when I turned it on with the different paper.
  3. If you can access them, try cleaning the paper rollers with a damp cloth. Again, if possible, check that any detector switches (some are optical) aren't obstructed.

    It's hard enough to do this kind of maintenance on a standalone printer -- with a multi function device it's probably no picnic.
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