How do i get high definition direc tv in haiti

Hi I have a 6 foot dish in Haiti and i also have a direct tv package, but i can't have anything to help me get the HD channel . i s there an NLB special for this kind of big dishe to get the HD channel
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  1. HD signal requires 3 feedhorns on one dish, or a UHF antenna besides the dish. The dish must be aimed exactly, within 1 mm.
    You do not have the right equipment for HD.
  2. Thanks for your explanation but i am still in the dark, sorry. what do you mean by 3 feedhorns or can you be more specific about just to get a UHF antenna besides the dish.

    all i a,m trying to do is to have my hd reciever to work in haiti like the states . i have a direct tv box and i get all my programs with the hd receiver of the direct tv i dont get anything. sorry to bother you that much.
  3. what he means by horns are the part the parabolic dish bounces the signal into. you know that little (normally cylindrical) piece that is out on "arms". on normal dtv dishes the arm comes out on an angle with said peice attached and is referred to by them as a horn. by requiring three horns he means you need three of those receiver parts. i'm guessing that your big dish doesnt support this (but check with your local directv agent to discuss this further!, dont just take our word on it)

    i'm not sure what he means about the UHF antenna, you'd have to check with directv to ask.

    i've heard that the dish has to be aimed precisely but you'd have to check with directv (or check your signal yourself) to verify tolerances.

    in any case, call directv to ask for some input as they should know what HD requires. if the person on the phone doesnt know, talk to their tech/service department.
  4. Thanks so much
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