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I am planning to get a new system for my girlfriend. She will only use it for homework and internet, so I am thinking about the Celeron or Duron. Can anyone tell me the detail between the two and what motherboard would you use. I want to know about the cacah, FSB, etc. I am planning using the DDR. Instead of RDRAM.
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  1. I'd get a Duron. I have a Duron and I use it for gaming (yeah yeah yeah laugh all you want) and it works for me. I've had some experience with the celerons and I don't like them. Systems built with them just don't perform, and if this computer is going to be on the internet, another thing come to play. The way I see 99 percent of computers, they all have MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger installed all at the same time, with webshots and a virus scanner. When you start having all of that, you can't afford to have a lesser processor.

    The Duron is indisputable about it's superiority over the Celeron, and its cheaper daboot.

    Recommendation (if you don't plan on upgrading):

    KT266 Series motherboard
    Duron 1300 (only 39 bucks new online at newegg.com)
    GeForce4 MX-440 (since I presume it isn't for gaming, this will do fine)
    Hercules Muse 5.1 DVD (Should be about 30 bucks)
    at least 256 megs of RAM

    My Duron 1300 eats P4's for dinner. Oh, the Celerons make a nice snack too.
  2. Between Duron and Celeron, Duron is of course way better. But Athlon XP 1700+ prices are so low now, you can get a much faster CPU for only few more bucks. AXP and Duron (1 or 1.X GHz ) are actually same processor, but the AXP's FSB is 266 MHz compared to 200 MHz of Duron and L2 cahe is 256 KB compared to 64 KB of Duron.

    Here's my recommendations:-

    CPU:- Athlon XP 1700+ (retail)
    Mobo:- ASUS A7N266-VM (Onboard video, sound, 10/100 LAN)
    RAM:- 1 x 256 MB Kingston PC2100 CL2.5 DDR

    This mobo's onboard graphics is pretty good, at least more than adequate for basic productivity apps. Onboard sound is better than SB Live! 5.1 and almost equal to Audigy. If your GF needs LAN, there's a 10/100 LAN port in this mobo.

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  3. Thats easy to decide. The duron is the only option. The duron slaughter the celeron on performance.

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