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I moved my computer's guts from my old case to a new case and for some reason when I turn on my computer, it asks me to select which device I want to boot from and my hard drive isn't available to select. I can only select my cd drive and if I do it tells me there is no bootable device.
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  1. All you did was change the case? No components? Then make sure your connections to your HDD/SSD are properly seated.
  2. I made sure they were properly seated, even tried different SATA ports and wires and I still get nothing. I booted the Windows 7 installation disk and it let's me select the partitions I've made there, however, when I restart my computer it tells me there is still no bootable device.
  3. What is your MOBO? I had difficulties with the BIOS recognizing my SSD as the primary drive, I had to change the main hard disk from my HDD to the SSD, then I was given the option to change my primary between the optical drive and the SSD as opposed to the optical drive and the HDD. Worth a shot, may not be your issue.
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