Best budget 32" LCD for pc gaming?

Any suggestions?
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  1. Also, looking for 1080.
  2. you should list your budget and how many + what type of inputs you need. if you are just connecting it to your pc this is most likely 1 hdmi.

    keep in mind that lcd televisions have pixels arranged in a different way to display shapes and lcd monitors (for computers) have pixels arranged to display text. text will appear more blurry on a television.

    that said, it all depends on your budget. I buy sony products myself as I know there are parts available when it runs out of warranty. none of the other companies stock parts for repair so you might get hosed once the warranty is up.

    if you aren't on a very tight budget a things in the market right now that are rather nice are:

    -led backlit... but the screen is divided into hundreds of "squares" so you get backlighting that changes as your video feed does. this means that there can be a greater contrast between blacks and whites on screen. this also means that blacks can potentially be darker. i think samsung developed this but you would have to check.

    -thin bezel designs. i happened upon one while in best buy recently.. the television had a very thing metallic bezel (maybe 1/4") with 1/2" or so clear plastic around this. the effect made it look almost borderless and like a window. very neat.
  3. I'd also make sure that you have a nice desk to set this on where you don't have to sit extremely close to the display. I hooked up a 27" lcd to my pc for about 10 minutes before the strain on my eyes forced me to take it down and put my samsung monitor back in place.
  4. I know what you mean with the distance. I'll be hooking this up on a duel monitor setup, so I'll only be using the tv for gaming, monitor/tv for work. I'm thinking of a getting a bracket for my wall, it will be far too close on my desk.

    My budget is around £300 max really. I've found one which looks promising:
  5. hmmm..depends on the brand you want to purchase. just make sure that it is suitable for the system you'll be hooking it up with. okay? read some tips here hedmag(dot)com and you'll know what things you should do. Tips are always reliable since I am using it too.
  6. Myself, I ended up getting a Proscan 32" HDTV for around $350. It has 2 HDMI's and it's display is 1680 by 1050. I bought it online at Circuit City. It works perfect with all of my surround sound gear and has a very good picture. You do have to be carefull though about distance. If your viewing area is to close the picture will be distorted. There is a size to distant ratio at the site blaiRred suggested. Just be sure to check out that it has all the connections that you want.
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