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I have a new computer at my office running Windows 7 Professional. My computer at home is running Windows 7 Ultimate. Immediately after connecting via Remote Desktop (from my office to my home), I get an eror message that says "Remote Desktop has stopped working". I didn't have this problem when my machine at the office was a Windows XP Pro machine. Any suggestions or recommendations?
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  1. the 2 computers need to be on the same LAN to remote desktop without any further configuration.

    I can only assume that your have a VPN connection to the office. If this is the case speak to your IT department as they will need to configure the correct ports for remote desktop
  2. The VPN need to be setup first, it will required to consult with the IT admin for security issue....

    except u are the admin itself... :D
  3. have you been through this -

    you do not need to be on the same LAN as d85kennedy has pointed out, and you do not have to go through a VPN as rdc85 says - each computer needs to be configured properly is all

    however, setting up a VPN with the proper security will ensure a secure connection between the 2 computers
  4. It more like security concern for setting up VPN without VPN everyone can get into your device......

    If u want a simpler ways there a program called Teamviewer it's free for personal usage, and quite simple to use
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