How to write a batch file to restart windows 7

Hi i just installed a new premium theme called hud apocalypse. i love the theme except it kinda erased my shutdown/restart/logoff/switchuser default from the start menu.

I was able to write a batch file to shutdown.
this is the code in the batch file
c:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 000

i've done a lot of google searches and alot of them say to restart via batch file
and the command is
Shutdown -r

but this just shutsdown the computer and doesn't reboot.

If anyone knows how to write a reboot batch file i would love to know it!
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  1. I would suggest trying your first line with the "-s" swapped out fo rthe "-r"
  2. c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe /R /T 00 /F

    it's basically saving a command prompt command to a file. Same exact context
  3. double post
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