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I had the speakers for about a month and they sounded great, well accept for the sub. The sub was very week when listening to on-line music, or games. I could only turn them up a little, before they would brake up, in-away, useless. Playing CDs or music already on my HDD the sub did much better.

Anyway two of my saddle light speakers started to brake up. If I turn them up they would give out, if playing games, or listening to on-line music these two speakers would brake up much quicker, to the point I'm unsatisfied with them.

I contacted the store where I bought them, but was just over my 30 day warranty. So I contacted Creative Labs and got a RMA #. I sent the speakers out and got them back in a couple of weeks with a letter saying. "The item is in like-new condition and has been thoroughly tested to be in good working order." They didn't replace them, so I wrote them again, and they called me back and said there was a communication problem. The guy I talk to told me to said them back again, that they will flip the shipping bill and that he would personally look at the speakers. Going ground now, about three weeks later he calls me back, he wants to resolve the problem and work out a solution. He said the speakers work good for him and didn't see any problem, so there was really nothing to work out, he simply wasn't going to replace them. I even offer to buy the speakers, which he said he didn't want to see me do, but he also didn't want to replace them. So I got off the phone with him, him not going to replace the speakers, and me going to buy the two individual speakers on the Creative Labs Web Sight. So I call them and it turns out that I Cannot buy them individual after all. And she ask if I contacted support, I said I did, and told her what had happen. She said she was going to call over there and leave a message, saying that I truly feel that the two speakers do indeed need to be replaced.

At the point I don't know what is going on. Tech tells me there sending them back and will not replace them, and the same day the lady said she connected them to tell them I wanted them replaced.

A few days later I get another call from Tech support. They keep telling me they have no problem with the speakers and that they tested them with CDs music and such and even turned them all the way up and the speaker did not fail them. I pretty much said they were full of it and mention the word Better Business Bureau.

It's funny how I can get the two speakers to brake up with no problem at all and they can't seem to get them to brake up. Even when I switch a bad speaker with a good one, it doesn't brake up, so it's not the channel or my setup, but is the speaker. He is going to test the speakers now playing games to see if they brake up for him. I have a feeling he is still going to say there is nothing wrong with them, and when he does I will be contacted the Better Business Bureau.

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  1. Just go to the store where you bought the original set and buy another set, then take them home take them out of the box, put the older ones in the box, then along with your new thirty day return receipt and speakers, just go to customer service and get a refund, just tell customer service you were not satisfied and want a full refund.

    I know it's not right and all, but damni$ sometimes you just have to bend the rules a little bit to work around other peoples ignorance, nough said:)

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  2. After this BS, not only would I stick it to Creative Labs, but I would also twist the blade.Thats a good ideal, but I'm not sure I would want to try that. I bought the speakers on line, and hate to get stuck with two set of speakers. Plus I'm some what chicken.

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  3. Is it possible that any of the local retailers in your area have the same speakers? ie: circiut city, bestbuy, walmart, k-mart...and theres nothing to it, it's that feeling of satisfaction when you walk out the door, man it's an awesome rush... your not really harming or doing anything wrong, your just doing whats right for you the CUSTOMER to satisfy yourself...

    <font color=red><b>Wealllovedisassemblingthingstoseehowitworks,butwhowantstoputitbacktogetheragain?
  4. Yeah, I know just the place. Hack I would be happy just switching the saddle light speakers. I guess there are more then one way to skin a cat, and from the way I see it I don't have many options. Thanks for the tip. I maybe exercising that in the near future.

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  5. Creative Labs comes threw for me, they replaced my SoundWorks MegaWorks 510D Speakers. :smile:

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  6. Too bad you had to put in so much effort for creative labs to come through though. I would have bought a second set and done the switch.

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  7. Yeah, your right. I did put a lot of effort fourth, those SOBs, hehe. If I did do a switch I wasn't going to switch the sub, because it was worn looking. But this new sub is much better, and can handle the base without braking up so quickly. Now I believe the sub was defective too, so I would have been screw, unless of course I would have switch the sub as well. I'm just happy it turned out well, and a lesson has been learned.

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  8. Just an update to give credit where credit is due.

    I've had my replaced speakers about a month now, and paired up with my Maya 7.1 sound card I have to say they sound fabulous. The sub kicks, and the satellites speakers are awesome. And they sound just as great when I play they freaking loud enough to distort my monitor;) My set up doesn't know what distortion is, at any level, unless it's the source.

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